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”our honest Klingenstierna”

Samuel Klingenstierna (1698–1765) was the most brilliant Swedish mathematician of the 18th century. He was professor of geometry at Uppsala 1728–1750. When a professorial chair in experimental physics was established in 1750, Klingenstierna became its first holder. A few days after his death, he was briefly described by his friend and colleague Carl Linnaeus.

Portrait of Carl von Linné
Carl von Linné (1707–1778)

”So our honest Klingenstierna is dead; he was a meek and even man; nulli gravis [trouble to no one]. Had he worked to his capacity, he could have been 1,000 times greater.  He had an uncannily steady head.”

Portrait of Samuel Klingenstierna
Samuel Klingenstierna (1698–1765)

Many of Klingenstierna's students also became professors at Uppsala. One of them, Mårten Strömer (1707–1770), delivered the commemorative address about Klingenstierna. Much of what we know about Klingenstierna's life comes from this speech.

Strömer's commemorative address about Klingenstierna

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