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On this website Uppsala University presents results of research relating to the work of one of the most famous professors throughout its history, namely Carl Linnaeus (Carl von Linné) (1707–1778).

You can learn more about

The Life of Linnaeus
– childhood, schools, career and family

Linnaeus and Pharmacy
– a journey among the pharmaceuticals of Nature

Plants and Animals
– biological diversity in the 18th century and today

Physics and the Cosmos
– what Linnaeus did not know about the Cosmos

The History of Ideas
– Linnaeus, his epoch, his view of nature and a journey through the history of ideas

Linnaeus and Ecology
– Linnaeus’ thoughts of “The Economy of Nature”

Mathematics in Linnaeus’ time
– Mathematics and mathematicians of the 18th century, with a special focus on Linnaeus’ professorial colleague Samuel Klingenstierna

Linnaeus as a Physician
– Linnaeus’ contributions as a physician and his impact on medical science