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Linnaeus — his times, his view of nature, and a journey through the history of ideas

Hi, and welcome to the history of ideas trail!

The history of ideas is a broad form of history scholarship where we focus on ideas and knowledge. In the following you can read about Linnaeus from the vantage point of different perspectives in the history of science and ideas.

Some texts that we can say involve the history of science are about Linnaeus as a zoologist. Some other texts describe how society was conceived in Linnaeus’ day—thoughts that are part of what we historians of ideas call the ethos of the times.

There are also some texts that deal with how you can read poems about Linnaeus from the point of view of the history of science and ideas—in other words, you can think about what the poems tell us about the ideas that were in the air when they were written.

Ragnar Insulander Carl Frängsmyr Magdalena Hydman