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The project was initiated and financed by Telia Promotor in collaboration with Uppsala University. The project group consisted of the following persons: Lars Bohlin, Gunnar Eriksson, Lars Jonsson, Sven Kullander, Karin Martinsson and Ulla Myhrman, researchers in different disciplines from Uppsala University, together with Håkan Södergren and Mikael Lundgren from Telia Promotor.

The aim of the project was to present some glimpses from contemporary knowledge within a few research areas, mostly using, as a starting point, the contributions of Carl Linnaeus, in his role as researcher and teacher at Uppsala University. We also wanted to arouse the interest in ongoing activities at the university. In particular we turn to pupils and teachers of schools.

It is hoped that other research areas will also be included in the project, at a later time.

The original texts in Swedish were written by the following persons:
Hans Odöö: The Life of Linnaeus
Carl Frängsmyr, Magdalena Hydman and Ragnar Insulander: The History of Ideas
Mariette Manktelow: Plants and Animals
Håkan Tunón: Linnaeus and Pharmacy
Johan Rathsman and Mats Thunman: Physics and the Cosmos
Ragnar Insulander: Linnaeus and Ecology
Staffan Rodhe: Mathematics in Linnaeus’ time
Bengt Meyerson: Linnaeus as a Physician

Roland Moberg

For the different parts of the document the following persons can be contacted:

The Life of Linnaeus:
Roland Moberg

Plants and animals:
Magnus Lidén och Mats Eriksson

Linnaeus and Farmacy:
Håkan Tunón

Physics and the Cosmos:
Johan Rathsman

Linnaeus and Ecology:
Roland Moberg

Mathematics in Linnaeus’ time:
Staffan Rodhe

Linnaeus as a Physician:
Bengt Meyerson